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Ehsan, a heart full of hope.

Ehsan Fatahian, a young man from Sanandaj in Kurdestan is about to be executed by the Islamic regime. Despite all efforts by his family and the human rights activists his conviction seems to stand. Ehsan has committed no crime but his love of his country and its people and the Iranian regime which knows no boundaries has sentenced him to death for alleged involvement in a political party. It is not the fist time that the Islamic regime in Iran commits such crimes. It has done so throughout the 30 miserable years it has been in power. All along, those who have opposed it have either been sent to prisons and death squads or kidnapped and murdered under the darkness of night.

Ehsan's young heart might be stopped by these cowardice acts but he will always be remembered along with thousands upon thousands of Iranians who lost their lives for freedom and democracy. At these dark hours, our hearts are with Ehsan and his family and we promise them that we will never forget what this regime is doing to Iran's youn generations.

At the moment, political prisoners from across Evin and other prisoners have gone on hunger strike for Ehsan. Let's hope that the authorities stop this useless kilingfield. Let's hope. Let's hope. 

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