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Ehsan Fattahian, a heart full of unfinished hopes

Ehsan Fattahian, a young man from the city of Sanandaj in Iran's Kurdestan province has been sentenced to death for his alleged involvement in a political party. Ehsan's activities have not been violent and according to his last writings all he ever wishes is a country free of violence and persecution.

Ehasan's family are desparately trying to stop the execution which is due early tomorrow morning. His father has travelled to Tehran and has met with some of the judiciary people in an attempt to stop his son's execution. A group of human rights activists and civil society members have also been trying hard to stop the killing machine  of the Islamic Republic which knows no boundaries. Ehsan has gone on hunger strike for many days and his fellow inmates along with the political prisoners at Evin prison in Tehran and Rejaie Shahr prison have also joined in. Human rights activist inside and outside have tried to contact his lawyer but it seems that his phone is switched off!

What happens in the next few hours which might be the last hours of Ehsan's young life is so dreadful for his family and Ehsan himself that one cannot imagine. It only reminds us of the mass killings of 1988 when the Iranian regime under direct order of Khomeini himself executed more than 4000 of young men and women. The execution of the young generation of Iranians who have committed no crime but their love of their country and its people and have put their own lives on the line to have a free and democratic Iran, started right from the beginning of the Iranian revolution and has continued ever since.

If the regime executes Ehsan he will join the long list of those who stood at the top of the Zagross Mountains in Kurdestan or Alborz in Tehran and cried freedom. Ehsan will join the cool, clear waters of Kurdestan which originate from its tall mountains and his plight will not be forgotten and his torch will be carried by this generation and other generations in the future until the tyrants of the ancient caves crawl back into history and Iran enters the modern world. We ensure Ehsan and his family that he will always stay in our hearts and we will continue his path.

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