On the anniversary of the disputed presidential election.

Reports from Iran indicate that more than 600 people have been detained in yesterday's sparodic demonstrations in Tehran and other cities. Students at Tehran and Sharif universities came out in large nubmers to demonstrate. At Tehran university a clip of a short film shows female students shouting slogans addressing the plainclothes security men: " you mercenry, how much have you been paid to take our photo?" And a man can be seen in the video filming the students regardless. The number of student detained is  unknown. Spardic demonstrations in Tehran took place despite the presence of thousands of guards, basiji militias and plainclothes security men all over town. In some areas there were clashes and people were detained.

On the other hand, an order was issued to the prisons by the attorney general regarding prison visits that from now on there will not be any one to one visit, rather prisoners will speak to  their families via twoway phone system.

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