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Ahmadinejad is not My president!

The following video is the work of a group of Iranians in New York. Please watch to the end.


This week the unelected president of Iran is attending the UN General Assembly and will speak on behalf of the Iranian people! Iranians in the US are gathering in Ny to show their objection to his presence. Since the election day on 12 June, Iranians have demonstrated against the outcome. the government has detained about 5000 and the number of those murdered in various detention centres or street demonstrations is unknown. A list of 72 was recently published.

In NY, the two kilometre Green Scroll, which thousands of Iranians signed; "Ahmadinejs is not Iran's President" and was displayed in Paris on 25 July, then in Stockholm on 7 September will be displayed across the Brooklyn Bridge. Apart from that there are press conferences by the Iranian human rights organisations and rallies. Please join and help us if you are there and have spare time.


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