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Tea, cake, and human rights

Everyone loves a bit of tea and cake, yes? That was one of the main reasons we came up with AmnesTea - a fundraising event that's endlessly changeable depending on what you'd like to do! The pun for a name was a bonus, of course.

So I had to share this from Amanda Stockley, who used her birthday to host one! It's chock full of great little tips for any fundraising event you're planning, with or without cake. Over to Amanda...


While wondering what to do for my 29th Birthday, I decided to have an AmnesTea. I work as a freelance photography assistant. My salary is very low so I only give a small monthly donation to Amnesty International so hoped I would be able to raise a decent amount with an AmnesTea.

Amanda's tea partyI set about deciding what I was going to bake and how the event would work. I set up an event on Facebook and sent emails round to friends telling them all about it. I wasn't sure how my friends would react to me having a fundraiser for my birthday so I concentrated on telling them about all the lovely cakes I'd make and how great it would be to see them.

I set up a Justgiving page online and started making regular appeals for donations via Facebook, Twitter and an email. The response was fantastic, even before the day I had raised nearly £100, some from people who couldn't make the event.

When the big day finally came round, I was so excited. All the hard work had paid off and everyone had a great time. I'd put together a play list on Spotify of music from the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's, had plenty of different teas and coffee, lots of vintage crockery and some lovely cakes.

I was looking forward to checking the donation box at the end of the day and was very happy to find £106. Some more donations were made on the Justgiving page, so the final amount was £286. This is such a great way of raising money and the perfect excuse to catch up with friends over tea and cake, so thank you Amnesty International I had a fantastic birthday. I hope this donation will help in the fight for human rights across the globe. 


Thank you Amanda! If this has piqued your interest, have a look at her recipes she sent us as well, below, and get your own AmnesTea fundraising pack.

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