Spanish children's rights teaching resource

PIlar from the Spanish section has sent us the following.  A great resource for Spanish-speaking children's rights activists!

"I would like to share with you a new web that the Team working on
Education on Human Rights has put together. It is for the students at
primary and secondary education levels and their teachers in the
Schoolnet/Red de escuelas they have settled. I asked for their permission
to share with you, as some sections have Human Rights education as a part
of the work on children's rights. And of course, they were happy to

We would like to invite you to visit it, explore it and make use of any
material, follow any inspiration from it or simply enjoying it as it
is…It is in Spanish, so our Spanish speaking American friends will be
the ones able to follow it best; along with the multi-language-talented
people among us :-)

Just one more note: on the left hand menu, if you select "enlaces"
(Links)you will go to some of your own sections' web pages…"


Thanks Pilar!  Looks like a great way to combine human rights education and the rights of the child. 


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