Shocking cruelty to toddler in Brazil

This is one of the most shocking thing I have seen in a long time:

Reuters: Brazil needle victim recovers, outrage at cruelty

This is an inhuman way to torture a 2 year-old.

Please share this story and have a look at the 'witch children' post we wrote on here in a while ago.

This kind of crulety is unfounded.  It's all the worse because it stems from spiritual practices, embedded in Afro-Brazilian religions that combine spiritism.

The public in Brazil are (thankfully) up in arms about this torture.  And so they should be; we should all be enraged to let people know that this is simply unacceptable.

I'm shocked to my core – but I am reflecting on exactly why we must campaign for children's rights, especially in cultures where traditional practices like this destroy the most defenceless.

As we wonder just what makes people do this kind of thing, we realise why we need to provide a voice for these vulnerable little people.

Sorry, a grim post – it's difficult to know what to do to expose this cruelty.

I suppose all we can do is keep the discussion going – and let people know that we, too, will not accept this.

Thanks for reading.

Helle :)

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