Jordan Brown's lawyer 'pleased by the way the oral arguments went'

*Posted on behalf of Frances*


We have heard an update on 13 year old Jordan Brown's case -you'll remember Amnesty International have been campaigning on thiscase.


Jordan Brown is accused of murdering his father's girlfriend whileaged 11 years old. If convicted of first-degree murder in an adultcourt he will automatically be sentenced to life imprisonment withoutthe possibility of parole. Amnesty has been calling for the prosecutionto drop it's pursuit of trial in an adult court.


On 25th January oral arguments were heard. Jordan Brown's lawyerhas now told Amnesty International that he is pleased by the way theoral arguments went. The judges appeared very interested in the issuebrought before them as well as receptive to arguments made by JordanBrown's defence team. However, this does not indicate how the judgeswill rule.

We do not expect the decision to be handed down before severalmonths. Amnesty International does not directly appeal to judges as werespect their judicial independence. However, we are now exploring waysof making them realise the extent of public concern surrounding JordanBrown's case; in particular, the possibility to convey AmnestyInternational's concerns in the local media. So watch this spaceplease!

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