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On Friday 11 March, the Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled in favour of Jordan Brown.

 *Posted on behalf of Frances*

Amnesty International welcomes the Superior Court's decision to rule in favour of Jordan Brown.

13 year old Jordan Brown is charged with committing murder when 11 years old. If tried in an adult court and convicted of first-degree murder, he will receive a mandatory life without parole sentence.

As you may remember, Jordan Brown had appealed against the trial judge's denial to transfer his case to juvenile court for trial.

He had appealed on the grounds that such a decision violated his right not to incriminate himself because the judge concluded that Jordan Brown didn’t prove that he could be rehabilitated and treated within the juvenile system, since he didn't admit to committing the crime he is accused of.
The Superior Court agreed that the manner in which the trial judge applied the law to reach such a conclusion violated Jordan Brown’s right. It therefore vacated the decision and sent the case back to the trial court for a new transfer hearing. 
We will keep you updated as the case continues

Thank you for reading and taking an interest in this case,


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