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Why do people hate America?

A book that I am reading is Why do People Hate America? written by Ziauddin Sardar & Merryl Wyn Davies.  So why do people hate America?  George W Bush had a go at answering the question.  "They hate our freedoms" he said but of course he missed the point.  Many people around the world feel that the United States abuses its power and shows hypocrisy.  The government of the United States claims to be in favour of democracy and human rights but often works against those very things.  

Laura D has left a comment on the Belfast and Beyond blog on this website, telling us of a film that she has seen, Taxi to the Dark Side.   I have not seen the film but I would like to do so.  The film won an Oscar for best documentary.  It is about the fate of a young Afghan taxi driver detained by American forces and dead five days later.  It is also about the way that a fog of ambiguity was put out by the Pentagon, making young and inexperienced soldiers think that they could or even should go beyond the proper boundaries.  

Discovery Channel decided not to air the film because they thought that it would be too controversial.  That gives you an idea what you will not be discovering if you watch that channel.  You can contact Discovery Channel from their website as I have done.  I had to cut my protest down to 250 characters and they say that they will reply within a week.

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