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Number 10 invites E-Petitions

Petitions to the UK Prime Minister takes the tradition of petitions to number 10 Downing Street and brings it up to date for the age of the internet. I recently discovered it by a link from Mark Thomas's site. There are already many petitions on international affairs and some of them relate to human rights.

It is very simple to sign petitions and almost as easy to create a new one if there is not one that already more or less expresses your view.

What about Amnesty International UK starting some petitions?

CAAT (Campaign Against the Arms Trade) has some web pages on how to use the internet and in the section on Pledges and Petitions they point out that Number 10's website may not be so good from the campaigner's point of view.  While the Prime Minister's office can easily e-mail all the people who have signed a petition, the creator of the petition cannot do so.  

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