How can they make it that cheaply?

A report in the Observer says that high street stores such as Primark are not being careful enough about the source of goods such as clothing.  Primark has now sacked three of its suppliers after revelations by Panorama and the Observer that they were selling goods made by children in refugee camps in India.  The Observer article is written by Dan McDougall from Tamil Nadu in India and he describes his own experience of the dangers facing journalists and activists who try to investigate the trade.

The Fair Trade movement has made great strides in making people realise the effects of buying goods just on price without thinking about the conditions of the people who grow food or make clothing and other goods. 

Thirty years ago I visited a tea-growing area in the Nilgiri mountains, also in Tamil Nadu in India.  I wonder whether the poverty of the workers on the tea estates has changed in those thirty years.

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