Arms from China cannot find a route to Zimbabwe

The ship carrying arms from China and intended for Zimbabwe may not be able to unload its cargo in Africa. Dockers in South Africa refused to unload the ship and it then sailed north to try to find a port in Mozambique or Angola. 

There are diplomatic discussions about a ban on all shipments of arms to Zimbabwe while there is no legitimate government there.

More weapons and ammunition in the hands of Mugabe and his party – the last thing that the people of Zimbabwe need at the moment. 

See the Knowlege is Power blog on this website for more about the struggle against the arming of Mugabe's regime. "Zim needs peace, not China guns" reads the slogan on the banner.  There is a link to an online petition on the Avaaz website.  It is up to almost 100 000 signatures at the end of April 2008 .  (Avaaz means "voice" in many languages but I couldn't tell you which ones.)  Part of the petition reads, "This shipment highlights the urgent need for a strong international arms trade treaty."

You can currently  reach the Avaaz petition from Amnesty UK's home page.  See the heading, "Stop guns fuelling Zimbabwe crisis".

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