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Standard Operating Procedure

My colleague Fionna is far to modest to blog it herself, but she was a guest on BBC Radio Ulster's Sunday Sequence programme a couple of days ago to discuss new film, Standard Operating Procedure, which deals with the torture meted out by the Americans at Iraq's notorious Abu Ghraib prison (a theme I have previously discussed here).

I have not seen the film myself so I will say no more, other than to point you in the direction of Will and Testament, the blog by Sunday Sequence presenter William Crawley, which has a great discussion (and I don't mean the blog comments!) of the film and the moral questions it raises.

Despite being arguably the best (most intelligent) programme which Radio Ulster puts out in any given week, for some reason Sunday Sequence is not currently featured on BBC iPlayer. Nor, is the radio discussion up on the BBC website yet, but it should be available soon for podcast here.

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