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Stand Up For Justice - (almost) live blog #3

9:37 Andi Osho takes the stage. She’s from Newham – a dangerous place to have the Olympics. She tells us about living there. The word ‘chav’ features heavily in her comedic discourse as does a bit of MCing. Not the John Bishop sort of MCing, the rapping sort. She's good.

She used to volunteer on the Samaritans phoneline and also did a bit of stewarding for Arsenal. Sometimes she got her roles mixed up …  with inevitably hilarious results.

Funniest line: (talking about Nigeria) “I am more likely to walk out of this venue tonight and step in unicorn sh#t than you are to meet an openly gay Nigerian man.”

9:57  John Bishop fills entertainingly for a bit more.

10:00  Damian Clark bounds on, full of energy and attitude. He’s come all the way from Perth. Via Dublin. On the train.

He jokes about the Irish weather. The cheeky Australian b#stard. He reckons we should vote to rename the Irish 'summer' as ‘bummer’, just so no-one mistakenly gets their hopes up. As I said, the cheeky Australian b#stard.

He's into his stride, bounding around the stage. He manages to involve Joe the photographer in his routine, dropping his cacks (Damian that is, not Joe) to demonstrate those paparazzi shots of D-list celebs getting out of cars, not taking too much care to cover their dignity from the paps’ telephoto lenses. Joe obligingly rushes to get the best angle, like a Top of the Pops cameraman who's just been told Pan's People are on their way.

Damian does a routine on the versatility of the F word. Especially in Ireland, where we love our swear words. I’m glad my interval advice on how to perfect the Belfast 'f#ck' has come in handy.

10:22  John’s back for his final bit of laugh-making and plugs for Amnesty. He does both brilliantly.  He has been a great MC.

10:26  Final cheers and applause. The 600-strong crowd has had a great night and leaves the Whitla Hall recalling their favourite bits.

Air kisses and hugs to event organisers Hayley and Sarah.

More Festival pics on the Amnesty NI flickr account.

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