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Slugger Awards: political blogger of the year

Mick Fealty at Slugger O'Toole (the daddy of 'em all, in NI blog terms) has asked for help in spreading the word about the 'political blogger' category in the new Slugger Awards. So here goes.

The Slugger Awards are in their first year and are designed to show positive support for those who are doing a particularly good job in political life and discourse in Northern Ireland. There are various categories, such as
'up-and-coming politician of the year' and 'local newspaper of the year', being announced on a drip-feed basis at Slugger, as a virtual call for nominations through the comments thread.

Belfast and Beyond and the recent, occasional mirroring of my B&B posts at the OurKingdom blog, have so far attracted a couple of passing mentions in the nomination thread for the award.

While Belfast and Beyond is not primarily a Northern Ireland political blog, our chosen territory of domestic and international human rights from a NI standpoint often brings a natural political overlap. In short, therefore … we'll readily accept any plaudits going! Accordingly, many thanks to d@\/e and oneill respectively for the plugs:

"I hope the blogs below don’t mind being categorised and nominated for a political blogger award, but I reckon they shouldn’t be overlooked –…" And "Our Kingdom: Fair Deal, Damian O’Loan, Tom Griffin, Patrick Corrigan and (very occasionally) Ian Parsley all are delivering thoughtful and coherent articles analysing different areas of political life here."

So, if you would like to nominate this or any other Northern Ireland blog / blogger for the award, then go to Slugger and leave a comment, being sure to explain why you think your nomination is worthy of taking the award. There are some (other!) great blogs out there in Northern Ireland (and of so much better quality than the Westminster gossip organs like Guido Fawkes!), so why not take some time to check out the links in the nomination thread?

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