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Lords rout government to defend liberties

Well done to the 309 peers who stood up and were counted this evening in defence of UK civil liberties by soundly defeating the government's plans to extend the limit on pre-charge detention of terror suspects to 42 days.

Amnesty was quick off the mark in getting out a response to the press: Amnesty welcomes Lords’ strong stand against 42 days pre-charge detention.

"Amnesty International has welcomed this evening’s emphatic rejection by the House of Lords of UK government plans to extend periods of pre-charge detention without charge to 42 days.

"The organisation warned against complacency while the Prime Minister still insists that he will press on with 42 days, and Amnesty vowed to continue campaigning until an extension of pre-charge detention limits has been ruled out altogether."

It is being reported that the government will issue a statement to the Commons in response to the vote later this evening. Let's hope they see sense and now drop the proposals, rather than continue with what Lord Dear, opening this afternoon's debate, termed "a shabby charade" to "appear tough on terrorism".  

Watch this space (and meanwhile watch this new Amnesty campaign video, Sleepwalk.)

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