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Gore Vidal: in his own words #2

"Do you know they got rid off the Magna Carta, about six months ago?" – Gore Vidal.

I previously blogged on the inestimable Gore Vidal and quoted some of his famous words from down the years.

C4 News' Jon Snow interviewed the writer today in London (he is over in Britain for the Hay Festival and other engagements).

He is typically outrageous and courageous, having a lash at Presidents-in-waiting Obama and McCain ('he should have been court martialled!', declaims Vidal, about the latter's capture by the Vietnamese.) And those are among his kinder comments on the putative leader of the free world.

He is even more withering about Bush, Cheney ('a devotee of torture') and (former Attorney General) Gonzalez – calling them collectively a 'criminal regime' and predicting (some wishful thinking, I fear) trials after the administration is over.

Oh, and he also does a mean impression of George W 'I'm a wartime President' Bush.

It is clear that Mr Snow is having a whale of a time.

The full (13 min) interview is available to watch online.

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