The Citizenship Pub Quiz

The Belfast Salon presents:

The Citizenship Pub Quiz

White’s Tavern

2-4 Winecellar Entry, Belfast

7.30pm Tuesday 6 May

Door Tax £2

O P E N  B O R D E R S

E V E R Y O N E ’ S A C I T I Z E N

Imagine, it’s now mandatory to pass a citizenship test in order to stay in the country. This is a reality.Since 2005 every immigrant must pass the UK Citizenship Test to demonstrate their grasp of thecountry’s life, customs and culture. Every year 100,000 people take the citizenship test with only two thirds making the grade. This is the challenge…  

Can you pass the test?

Do you tick all the boxes?


In 2003, Amnesty International crucially intervened to protest new UK laws allowing the Home Secretary to deprive a person of citizenship on vague national interest grounds. 

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