Bush arrested, will stand trial at International Criminal Court

BREAKING NEWS: Prof William Schabas, head of the Irish Human Rights Centre at NUI Galway and an authority on international justice, is reporting that, through a confidential source in the Registry of the International Criminal Court, he has learned that former United States President George Bush has been arrested and is due to be delivered to The Hague for trial for his role in torture.

Schabas reports the former President "was kidnapped yesterday by Mexican bounty hunters, who managed to overwhelm the Secret Service agents at his ranch in Texas. A few hours ago, he was covertly transported across the border into Mexico. Government authorities there are holding him under an arrest warrant from the International Criminal Court.

"Bush has been charged for his role in torturing prisoners in Afghanistan, which is a State party to the Rome Statute. The Court has jurisdiction over all crimes committed on the territory of a State party (art. 12(2). A sealed arrest warrant was issued by the Pre-Trial Chamber I against Bush earlier this week."

"In a few hours, Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo is expected to publicly announce the arrest. He will explain that the recent decision of the Pre-Trial Chamber authorizing the arrest of President Bashir of Sudan means that there is now no immunity for any Head of State or former Head of State: . In support of the lawfulness of the kidnapping and its effect on proceedings, he will cite a judgment of the United States Supreme Court involving the abduction of a suspect from Mexico as authority."


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