Blogging the AGM 2008 #6 (International Council Meeting feedback)

10:36am  Tim Hancock, Campaigns Director and Colum McAndrew, Board member gave us the inside track on what went on at last year's International Council Meeting, our biennial global congress, which decides big policy, elects our international executive committee and determines the international movement budget.

Colum briefly explained the new policy, ratified at the ICM in August, on abortion. He clearly laid out what the policy does and does NOT cover. He also pointed up the decisions to review and evaluate the new policy and to take steps to help prevent unwanted pregnancies. Definitely more on this theme later in the AGM.

AIUK delegates at the ICM helped lead the way in getting a new international youth strategy and a new corporate fundraising policy adopted by the movement.

Tim quickly ran through lots of other debates and decisions (too many to go into detail – hey we're all in desparate need of coffee, coffee and more coffee), as well as general trends on where we, as an international movement with over 70 sections, are heading. More on all things ICM on Colum's wonderful blog.

10:53am  Coffee. Yes!

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