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Blogging the AGM 2008 #5 (Treasurer's report)

10:10am  We're solvent. Phew! (only joking – our financial position has remained strong for years).

The Treasurer's report has the potential to rival the standing orders committee report in its mind-numbing tedium for the average Amnesty activist. All those numbers! That doesn't mean it's not important.

The 'wonderfully sharp' (you had to be there/here) Glyn Isherwood reminds us that it's only shareholders in the likes of Northern Rock who get 'exciting' financial reports, and frankly, we don't need that sort of excitement. He promises dull, but does not deliver.

It's a good news story. Lots of powerpoint slides, bulletpoints, pie charts and graphs showing upward trends. £22 million or so in income, £6 million going to the international movement, an additional $4 million invested in campaigns here over the next 5 years. Blah, blah, blah.

Basically, I still have a job on Monday morning.

He also gave feedback about our strict new corporate fundraising policy, which will ensure that Amnesty globally and nationally is never compromised through reliance on corporate donations or partnerships. This is a tiny % of AIUK's income – I think Glyn said 1%, mostly coming through our affinity credit card with the Co-op Bank.

Good job Glyn – thanks for making it as clear as you did.

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