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AGM '09: Treasurer's report (#4)

10:03am Glyn Isherwood, AIUK's treasurer, comes to the podium to lead us through our annual examination of the numbers.

With economics dominating the world's headlines, backs are a little straighter and eyes a little less glazed-over than normal among the delegates for this section. When he's not looking after AI's finances, Glyn is Group Financial Controller of Channel 4. He seems to know what he's talking about.

Reassuringly, the line-graph points in the right direction and the pie chart still looks good enough to eat. Glyn reminds us that, given the recession, AIUK's financial future over the next couple of years is difficult to predict, but that
he is confident we will weather the economic storm in sound, if unspectacular, fashion.

Delegates feel pretty pleased with themselves that, a few years ago, we decided – for ethical reasons – to move our banking business to the Co-op and so missed out on some of the losses which recently have hit some charities who instead sought out the high returns of Iceland's exotic banking sector. The Co-op Bank has been known as safe but boring. Right now, those are two invaluable qualities in banking.

The conference formally adopts the audited accounts.

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