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Advertising rights

I came across a fine bit of creative campaigning and locally targetted advertising by pressure group Unlock Democracy (successor of Charter 88).

They have taken out wraparound advertising in two local freesheets, East Riding Advertiser and the West Hull Advertiser, in the constituency of Haltemprice and Howden, to highlight the importance of civil liberties and human rights.
While not endorsing the candidature of David Davis, the campaigners are ensuring they don't miss the chance to make their case during the local by-election precipitated by Davis' resignation over the creeping erosion of human rights in the UK.

The advert manages fairly well to communicate the case against infringement of rights such as 42-day detention without charge and the sweeping use of anti-terrorism legislation in a populist and readable style.

More than that however, the advert makes a positive case for human rights protections showing how they can positively help ordinary people, such as the woman facing domestic violence or the child with a learning disability. A very similar approach, in fact, to that of the Human Rights Consortium and our campaign for a Northern Ireland Bill of Rights.

The advertising also carries a handy, potted history of human rights in the UK, showing that the protections are actually a thoroughly British invention, not the imposition of some funny lawyers from Strasbourg. Refreshing.

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