42 days: how Northern Ireland peers voted

I have now had a chance to consult Hansard for yesterday's Lords' vote on the '42 days' counter-terrorism proposals and am happy to report that our noble peers from Northern Ireland voted an overwhelming 8 – 2 against the government.

Big 'well done' and 'thanks' to Lords Ballyedmond, Glentoran, Laird, Maginnis, Molyneaux, Rana, Rogan and Trimble and a 'caught on the wrong side of history' award to Labour loyalist Baroness Blood and sole DUP peer to bother turning up Lord Browne.

Special thanks, of course, are due to the Ulster Unionist Party peers who voted utterly contrary to their sole Common representative Lady Sylvia Hermon MP.

And where were the DUP's Baroness Paisley and Lord Morrow when their government needed them?

Hmmm… maybe that much-reported and rumoured Govt-DUP pact / understanding didn't extend to the House of Lords.

Or maybe the DUP have fallen out with the government, as suggested by the BBC NI politics blogger Mark Devenport, since the PM's visit to Stormont last month when he called for a date to be set for the devolution of justice and policing powers.


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