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The independent inquiry into allegations of racism at Amnesty International UK has concluded and was released this morning.  

Amnesty International UK published the initial findings of the inquiry in April 2022, which found the organisation exhibits institutional racism and that there is a significant need for improvement in working culture, leadership and governance oversight in the organisation.  The report sets out the recommendations for improvement actions that should be undertaken by the organisation.  

In response Amnesty International UK has accepted all the recommendations of the inquiry. 

Sen Raj, Chair of the Amnesty International UK Section Board said: 

“This inquiry has unpacked the multifaceted dimensions of institutional racism in AIUK. We are especially grateful to individuals who shared their experiences of racism in AIUK, and to Global HPO for carefully listening to those testimonies and providing us with clear suggestions to address the manifestations of racism in AIUK’s organisational culture and infrastructure. The difficult and vital work of dismantling institutional racism is ongoing.”  

Sacha Deshmukh, Amnesty International UK’s Chief Executive, said: 

“It is critical in the change that we need to make at Amnesty UK that we acknowledge that his report makes abundantly clear the scale of the transformation we must make to change lots about Amnesty UK as a place to work.  

“GHPO have helped us to identify where we must make changes and we will not shy away from this work, especially as it is clear it is long overdue. I am glad that the inquiry team have recognised that some improvements have started here in the last year, but that doesn’t in any way diminish the seriousness of the findings nor should it make us at all complacent about the task ahead of us.

“But, I do believe that with a transformation we can make Amnesty UK an example of a cause-driven organisation with an excellent working environment and culture for all colleagues. That should be our goal, and it is our duty not just to our colleagues but to our hundreds of thousands of supporters that we deliver it.” 

The independent inquiry conducted by Global HPO Ltd was commissioned by a joint group drawn from different parts of Amnesty UK, including the Section Board, Amnesty activists, the staff trade union shop, management, and former staff in October 2021.  

Inquiry into Racism at Amnesty International UK Report 2022
Global HPO Statement April 2022