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'I have a lot of free time and don't have any children so I always get roped into babysitting for my friends! I would never ask for money but I know that my friends would certainly be happy to donate £20 to Amnesty International for an evening of my time.'
Jane Stanton

Hours is a great way to raise money to support our work by helping your community, your family, friends and neighbours in return for donations. Everyone needs a little help now and again, whether it is with plumbing in a washing machine, babysitting or learning a new language. Many of us have skills and time to offer. So, do us a favour. Sign up to Amnesty Hours. Once registered you can pledge your time to raise money through helping people out. Sign up now

All funds collected will help support our work fighting human rights injustices. You won't just be helping us, and people whose lives are at risk, but also your friends. Register now to receive your free pack which has everything you need to get started. -


What you can do

'I used to design gardens professionally. After retiring I thought it was a good idea to continue with sporadic requests for minor work only on a charitable basis so I wouldn't have to contact Inland Revenue or deal with complicated tax, and make a difference.'
Arnold Mathers

Hundreds of people have given their time to Amnesty Hours in all sorts of different ways. Here are just some of the things people have done to help out.

Want to lend a helping hand? You could:

  • Babysit for a friend
  • Do some gardening for a neighbour
  • Do some dog walking
  • Feed pets when their owner is away
  • Iron (maybe you love it and your friends hate it!)
  • Fix computer problems
  • Do some car washing
  • Be in for a delivery
  • Give a friend a lift to the shops

Got a special talent or skill? Why not:

  • Take photos at a friend's wedding
  • Help a friend to fix their car
  • Perform at a music event
  • Cut a colleague's hair
  • Teach someone a language
  • Design a website for a friend
  • Offer massage and yoga
  • Landscape a garden
  • Give someone a manicure
  • Give a talk or lecture on your area of expertise

Be safe

Please don't offer to do something that you do not have the skills or expertise to do. For some activities you need to be accredited and qualified. You may also need to have your own professional insurance. We cannot be held liable for any damage to persons or property that arise through taking part in Amnesty Hours.

Doing tasks alone always has an element of risk. To keep yourself safe:

  • Ideally work in pairs or groups and never go to a stranger's house alone
  • Plan ahead - always let someone know where you are and take a charged mobile
  • Stay alert - remove yourself if you are concerned about anything
  • Download our fact sheet on how to fundraise safely

Amnesty Hours is a voluntary undertaking and should in no way be classified as employment.

Any questions?

If you have any questions please contact our Community fundraising team via or on 020 7033 1650.