• Sep 26 2015
  • 11:42am
Fylde Coast Amnesty at Blackpool and Fylde College Freshers' Fairs
Blackpool and Fylde College Freshers’ Fair  
  • Jun 17 2015
  • 2:32pm
Amnesty Supports Blackpool Pride
                     Blackpool Pride: Sat June 13th 2015  
  • May 31 2015
  • 4:53pm
Breaking the Silence: Stop torture
Breaking the Silence: Stop Torture 25 May 2015  
  • May 4 2015
  • 3:36pm
Breaking the Silence: Stop torture
  Amnesty International With enormous help from Mr Mel Stacey Presents
  • May 1 2015
  • 11:42am
AKS Stop Torture Campaign
 AKS School and Amnesty International
  • Mar 8 2015
  • 5:27pm
Breaking the Silence: Stop torture
All over the world people just like you are being tortured right now. Imagine being beaten, electrocuted, having your face cut, having your fingernails pulled out.
  • Nov 30 2014
  • 6:38pm
Video Write for Rights
  • Nov 23 2014
  • 6:22pm
North West Regional Conference 2014
 Amnesty North West Regional Conference 2014
  • Nov 21 2014
  • 7:16pm
Sing for Justice
Video Sing for Justice
  • Nov 21 2014
  • 5:03pm
An Update

About this group

Welcome to Fylde Coast Amnesty Group. We are a friendly group who get together regularly to write letters and plan local activities, based on campaigns led by Amnesty International UK. We would love you to come and join us. 

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