• Apr 17 2015
  • 1:50pm
Gao Yu (高瑜) , 71,journalist,Sentenced to 7 Years for Exercising the Right to Free Expression & Press
Gao Yu (高瑜), 71, woman journalist, was sentenced to seven years in prison on spurious charge “ leaking state secrets”, which an internal Communist party document, &ldqu...
  • Apr 17 2015
  • 12:53pm
Human Rights Dialogue should Not Remain at Rhetoric Level between the Government - UK-China HR Dialogue in 2015
Briefing: UK-China Human Rights Dialogue in 2015 On the occasion of the upcoming UK-China human rights dialogue on 21 and 22 April 2015, I want to highlight a number of key concer...
  • Mar 16 2015
  • 7:34am
UN and international community must investigate the death of Cao Shunli
Cao Shunli (曹顺利) was forcibly nose fed when serving two terms of RTL from 2009-11, and the ‘expense’ of her torture was deducted from her allowances. During her last de...
  • Mar 1 2015
  • 8:37pm
Women’s March: Resistance, Uprising, Solidarity
This month marks the first anniversary of the death of Cao Shunli, a Chinese human rights activist who died in police custody on 14 March 2014. To memorise Cao Shunli, artist Johan...
  • Dec 16 2014
  • 11:14am
"rule by law" (法制) and "rule of law" (法治)
There is a confusion of "rule by law" (法制) and "rule of law" (法治) in Chinese Context. Their meanings are totally different. Rule of law is the respect for law, ...
  • Dec 16 2014
  • 10:24am
Holiday Trials & Other Moves Possible for Detained Activists & Lawyers
Holiday Trials & Other Moves Possible for Detained Activists & Lawyers Five activists and lawyers seized since the spring of 2013 may face trial soon, according to CHRD so...
  • Dec 7 2014
  • 1:14pm
Human Rights Day solidarity vigil in London. Reclaiming Peoples' Future, in Solidarity and Defiance!
"Solidarity" written in Chinese, Uyghur and Tibetan scripts. Join us on 10 Dec, 6-9pm, outside Chinese Embassy in London: Reclaiming Peoples' Rights and Future, in So...
  • Dec 4 2014
  • 11:36pm
A partial list of detained after expressing support for Hong Kong Democracy 4 Dec 2014
Updated on 4 Dec 2014 Activists, writers, artists  in China have been detained for  expressing support for the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests. Some of them have be...
  • Dec 4 2014
  • 2:19pm
Nip any independent and dissident activities and voice in bud: the New Repressive Methods and Old Totalitarian institutions
After Xi Jinping came to power, Chinese regime has nipped any potential activity in bud, by  the new repressive methods and old totalitarian institutions. Law  is  o...
  • Nov 20 2014
  • 1:33pm
Journalist Gao Yu, human rights lawyers Pu Zhiqiang and Tang Jingling, signatories of Charter 08, could face harsher charges
Journalist Gao Yu (高瑜), human rights lawyers Pu Zhiqiang  浦志强  and Tang Jingling (唐荆陵), signatories of Charter 08  could face harsher charges. #China #h...
Tiananmen Demonstrations in Beijing 1989

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Shao Jiang, a former prisoner of conscience for his active role in the 1989 pro-democracy movement, is a committed activist-scholar, who lives and works in exile in the London. The academic interests focus on politics and media, social movement, democratisation, law in PRC and Hong Kong, Autonomy & Sovereignty & Self-Determination, international Human Rights mechanisms, comparative studies on development models and political institutions, theory and practice of Civil Society. Forthcoming publications include Citizen Publications in China before the Internet (Palgrave, 2015).