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  • Jul 15 2014
  • 4:11pm
Drip drip drip - how debate about our right to privacy was drowned out by the sound of reshuffling
Oh the irony that social media users are currently so distracted by the Prime Minister’s chess board manoeuvring of Ministers ahead of next year’s election, that they a...
  • Jul 29 2014
  • 12:22pm
Topsy-turvy justice in Burundi - human rights defenders languish in jail while mass murder goes unpunished
14 years ago I took a call I never expected to get. I was at work, in a graduate IT job I’d drifted into after university. It was half past five.
  • Jul 25 2014
  • 6:11pm
The Summer of Summits - ending violence against women?
The Girl Summit, held to galvanise action to end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Child, Early and Forced Marriage was
  • Jul 22 2014
  • 12:36pm
'My life is in constant danger' - campaigning in Gambia
I’ve just spoken to a human rights activist working in Gambia. Just publishing his name would be enough to get him arrested.
  • Jul 20 2014
  • 11:59am
Show your support for Afghan women workers at risk
  In Afghanistan, being a doctor, teacher, working in the police force or politics puts you at huge risk – especially if you’re a woman.