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  • Aug 22 2014
  • 12:12pm
Leaked internal document shows China used machine guns to kill Tibetans in March 2008 protest
The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) presents an analysis of a secret Chinese document on Tibetans killed by Chinese security forces during the March 2008 prot...
  • Aug 19 2014
  • 3:13am
Israeli conscientious objector Omar Sa'ad & the Galilee Quartet to play for Amnesty groups in UK
Performances by the Gaililee String Quartet followed by Q&A with Omar Saad
  • Aug 19 2014
  • 2:06am
Omar Sa'ad and conscientious objectors imprisoned in Israel for refusing to bear arms against Palestinians
Video With tensions high in Israel, this is a particularly difficult time to be a conscientious objector in a country where military service is compulsory for almost all of its young men...