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  • Sep 4 2014
  • 5:02pm
This blog is not about sport
No, it’s about protest, torture and death. Sport is just the backdrop. Starting with ... the Brazil Olympics in 2016 (yes, you’re probably already counting the days).
  • Sep 16 2014
  • 11:46am
It's time for the US to stop fuelling the conflict in Israel and Gaza
As the UN General Assembly begins its meeting today in New York City, Amnesty International is delivering 187,563 signatures to the White House in a global call to cut off weapons ...
  • Sep 12 2014
  • 2:02pm
Free to choose the future
Whatever your thoughts on the Scottish Independence Referendum – and whether you have chosen how you are going to vote, are undecided, or you are just over the whole thing, t...
  • Sep 10 2014
  • 5:23pm
US air strikes against ISIS in Syria & arming opposition groups. Some questions
US-led strikes against ISIS positions inside Syria and the arming of armed opposition groups are now a real possibility.
  • Sep 8 2014
  • 4:30pm
Amnesty Youth Awards: Campaigning from the classroom
I was a runner-up in the 2013 Amnesty International Young Reporter of the Year Awards in the Upper Secondary category.