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  • Jan 27 2015
  • 12:20pm
UK election: 100 days to go
And so it begins. In 100 days the country will go to the polls and decide who will govern the UK for the next five years.
  • Jan 22 2015
  • 2:42pm
Transforming corridor conversations into human rights education
We’re barely three weeks into 2015 and the news is dominated by human rights atrocities.
  • Jan 21 2015
  • 11:47am
Jailed for a miscarriage - our urgent action to free Guadalupe
Update: 9am, 22 January 2015 Last night, the Salvadorean parliament voted in favour of Guadalupe's pardon.
  • Jan 20 2015
  • 2:42pm
Why aren't UK ministers manning the free speech barricades for Raif Badawi?
After the horror of the Charlie Hebdo attack, world leaders have queued up to condemn the atrocity and voice their support for liberty and free speech.
  • Jan 13 2015
  • 4:37pm
Zimbabwe: plus ca change...
President Mugabe, his wife Grace and family are on holiday. As usual, they are spending time in Singapore in some luxury.