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  • Dec 23 2014
  • 12:08pm
Islamic State: can the laughter for a bunch of rapists and murderers
Video They’re the baddies we love to hate. New (or relatively new) international outlaws whose very depravity has given them a special status.
  • Dec 22 2014
  • 5:34pm
Chelsea Manning: ‘Why speaking out is worth the risk’
Chelsea Manning is serving a 35-year prison sentence for leaking classified US government documen
  • Dec 22 2014
  • 11:37am
Recommended human rights reads for young adults
Inspired by a previous Stories and Rights blog  What are the best books about identity for teenagers? 
  • Dec 19 2014
  • 6:25pm
2014 – Goodbye to all that
So according to the Oxford Dictionary the word of the year for 2014 is vape.
  • Dec 19 2014
  • 2:27pm
A month of promises and plans for Afghan women. Will they deliver?
The last few months have been exceptionally busy for our women’s rights in Afghanistan campaign.