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  • Apr 27 2015
  • 5:52pm
Surviving a shipwreck in the Mediterranean: Ali’s journey
More than a thousand people drowned trying to reach Europe by boat last week. The survivors of the tragedies have harrowing stories to tell.
  • Apr 27 2015
  • 4:48pm
Celebrating the great patriotic struggle ... to create twerk videos
Video It certainly wasn’t an incendiary Pussy Riot-style political stunt, though it did involve six young women dancing in a short YouTube video
  • Apr 21 2015
  • 6:20pm
Free speech in Turkey is in crisis. Take urgent action.
Written by Barbara Lodge, Country Coordinator for Turkey
  • Apr 20 2015
  • 5:26pm
Human trafficking Mexico - Lydia Cacho interview
I interviewed Lydia Cacho last week for the Sunday Mail newspaper in Scotland. Below is a link to my article, published yesterday.