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  • Oct 26 2015
  • 4:00pm
Travelling to England for an abortion was my only option
We found out we were expecting our second child in June 2012. My husband and I were thrilled. We booked an early scan for later that week. They said I was seven weeks pregnant.
  • Nov 25 2015
  • 2:39pm
Girls in Sierra Leone need us
By Hassatou Sambou, Country Coordinator for Senegal, Sierra Leone and Mauritania
  • Nov 24 2015
  • 3:50pm
Face to face with her former torturer in Mexico
'You did me so much harm. And now you will never forget my face.'
  • Nov 17 2015
  • 3:49pm
We must not close our hearts to refugees – it won’t make us any safer
In the wake of callous acts of terror committed in Paris on Friday, now more than ever is a time to stand up for human rights and unite against the perpetrators of hate, violence a...