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  • Apr 29 2015
  • 5:06pm
Mediterranean crisis: ‘We don’t let people drown’
I’ve just returned from meeting with shipwreck survivors, the coastguard and officials in Lampedusa – the Italian island on the frontline of the crisis in the Mediterra...
  • May 27 2015
  • 4:24pm
Robes, rods and our basic human rights
Is the Queen’s Speech one of the oddest parliamentary moments of the year? Lords and Ladies in their robes, the Royal family in ceremonial dress (anyone know why the Queen we...
  • May 27 2015
  • 3:12pm
If you do one thing on 14 June go to see The Look of Silence
Video In 2013 I wrote enthusiastically that you should go and watch The Act of Killing – an extraordinary document