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  • Sep 4 2014
  • 5:02pm
This blog is not about sport
No, it’s about protest, torture and death. Sport is just the backdrop. Starting with ... the Brazil Olympics in 2016 (yes, you’re probably already counting the days).
  • Sep 22 2014
  • 12:32pm
Gangster theatre: the Islamic State execution videos
Video Islamic State’s blood-thirstiness has been much commented on, as has its use of modern technology. Posting videos of a man issuing threats before killing a hostage &hell...
  • Sep 17 2014
  • 4:29pm
Make sure Belgrade Pride isn't a washout
In May horrific floods plagued Serbia. At least 57 people died and more than 30,000 people were evacuated from their homes.
  • Sep 16 2014
  • 11:46am
It's time for the US to stop fuelling the conflict in Israel and Gaza
As the UN General Assembly begins its meeting today in New York City, Amnesty International is delivering 187,563 signatures to the White House in a global call to cut off weapons ...
  • Sep 15 2014
  • 10:48am
Tortured by Mexican marines
My name is Claudia Medina.