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  • Mar 31 2015
  • 6:19pm
The UK’s Modern Slavery Act – how will businesses react?
When The Economist features an article titled Modern Slave
  • Mar 30 2015
  • 1:24pm
MPs are no more. Long live the PPC!
By Laura Trevelyan, Amnesty's Advocacy Coordinator - Outreach.
  • Mar 27 2015
  • 5:50pm
My memo to Nigeria's next president: you must prioritise human rights
As tens of millions Nigerians prepare to cast their vote for their next president, my message to the winner of these elections is this: make human rights your top priority.
  • Mar 26 2015
  • 10:47pm
News: Jacqueline Montanez’s Sentence Overturned
This month we heard the good news that Jacqueline Montanez’s sentence of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole has been officially vacated.