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  • Jul 29 2014
  • 12:22pm
Topsy-turvy justice in Burundi - human rights defenders languish in jail while mass murder goes unpunished
14 years ago I took a call I never expected to get. I was at work, in a graduate IT job I’d drifted into after university. It was half past five.
  • Jul 23 2014
  • 4:19pm
The great social media crackdown
Reading this from North Korea? No? Didn’t think so. The big weird world of the interweb is completely off limits for the average North Korean.
  • Jul 30 2014
  • 1:55pm
Do you believe in the death penalty?
Video When I was about 18 one of the records I bought was Do You Believe In The Westworld?,  Theatre Of Hate’s soaring post-punk anthem.
  • Jul 29 2014
  • 3:33pm
His child died while he was in prison
Ángel Amílcar Colón Quevedo's eight-year-old son was dying of cancer. Ángel is a black Honduran, a member of the downtrodden Garifuna community.
  • Jul 25 2014
  • 6:11pm
The Summer of Summits - ending violence against women?
The Girl Summit, held to galvanise action to end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Child, Early and Forced Marriage was