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  • Apr 17 2014
  • 9:34pm
Today in 1989: staged sit-in in Tiananmen Square
students staged sit-in in front of the Great Hall of People and demanded to see members of the Standing Committee and show them the List of Seven Demands.
  • Apr 17 2014
  • 5:05pm
Reflections on our 2014 AGM
Video Guest post from the Deputy Chair of our Board, Hannah Perry
  • Apr 17 2014
  • 4:00pm
This Easter don't play the monopoly of persecution game
Video David Cameron saying he’s “evangelical” about his Christian beliefs i
  • Apr 16 2014
  • 4:14pm
The Rights future for Scotland
What society do we want to live in? How do we want Scotland viewed by the rest of the world? What sort of future do we want for our children?