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  • Jun 16 2015
  • 5:17pm
Imagine if the International Olympic Committee spoke out on Azerbaijan
As the European Games opened in Baku on Friday with Lady Gaga belting out Imagine from behind a grand piano buried in foliage, it was impossible to know for sure how John Lennon wo...
  • Jun 11 2015
  • 3:40pm
Are The Press Working For ISIS?
As this week has shown it is rare when ISIS aren’t dominating the headlines. Coverage of their human rights violations are all over the news and every story is shocking and b...
  • Jun 25 2015
  • 5:49pm
Progress to take Pride in
I and other Amnesty activists have just come back from the Latvian capital Riga after the most exhilarating of EuroPride weekends. 
  • Jun 23 2015
  • 4:11pm
Amnesty Youth Awards: Creativity in the fight for human rights
Written by Dana Anderson, Youth Awards Communications Volunteer