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  • Apr 20 2014
  • 8:47am
Four New Citizens’ Movement Activists Sentenced in Beijing
The Haidian District People’s Court announced guilty verdicts on April 18 for lawyer Ding Jiaxi (丁家喜)
  • Apr 20 2014
  • 8:42am
1989 Protester's Profile: Hu Jian (胡践)
Hu Jian (胡践) lecturer from Taiyuan Industrial University, organised protests on campus and in the local central square. He set up local independent student unions.
  • Apr 20 2014
  • 8:34am
Today in 1989: Police Voilently Dispersed Protesters
At 3am, hundred peaceful  demonstrators at Xinhuamen were suddenly set upon by police wielding belts and clubs who attempted to disperse the protesters, and  numerous stu...
  • Apr 19 2014
  • 8:37pm
1989 Protester's Profile: Wen Jie (温杰)
Wen Jie (温杰), instructor from Beijing Fashion Institute, received a master's degree in Chinese from Beijing University in 1988, posted Big Character Posters here and Peking Uni...