Your poetry for women's rights

Thank you to everyone who shared their Make a Difference in a Minute women’s rights poems with us. 

Your poems have been made into a book which was sent to Azza Soliman in Egypt.
We are using this space to showcase a selection of the poems that we received.  

A poem against injustice 

Azza we stand with you 
Azza we shall not let you be silenced 
Against this barbaric, dehumanising, miscarriage of justice  
Together we will continue to fight the medieval practise of FGM 
with all people united 
This villainous abuse of the rights of the human 
Will not be tolerated any more 
Because of the Draconian rule under which you have placed these women 
Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, we condemn and oppose you. 

Amnesty Youth Group, The College of Richard Collyer, Horsham 

Role Reversal

“Oi lad!” she calls from across the street
I thrust my hands in my hoodie pocket
“Hey handsome, let me have some of that, yeah?”
Their cackles echo in my ears

Doing groupwork and getting frustrated 
Angry, no one is helping
“Hey, time of the month?’
Gets a round of high fives from her mates

New shorts for the summer 
I think they look nice
“Wow stop asking for it boy!”
I pull them down longer “Now that’s old fashioned!”

I laugh at her joke
“Are you trying to get with me?”
I don’t speak to her 
“Well someone’s playing hard to get"

Can I play football
“You’re just a guy!”
 Start to cry
“Now don’t get all emotional that’s such a typical guy thing!”
Getting a bit tubby after Christmas dinner 
“Are you pregnant?” Hardly – you’re a guy.

Except its not like that for girls is it?
We are just over reacting
We got what we wanted why want more?
Oh stop that it’s such a guy thing to say!

Mia, Shimna Integrated College

I Am a Woman

I am a woman.
I’m equal in worth - or so they state,
Equal in dignity and rights though late.

But am I equal as you shut me from view?
When your voice so loudly silences the few?
When you cut my flesh to safeguard desire?
When your position is always always higher?

So am I equal when its books I can’t reach?
And isolation that you so fondly teach?
When the choice to cover is not mine but yours?
And my body your source of open doors?

I am a woman.
I’m equal in worth, that is true
Equal in dignity and rights as you.

But when I can simply just be me,
Then and only then will I be the woman you don’t see.

Elizabeth, London

Another Graceless Night

She knows her place, being just a pretty face.
Wearing the right clothes, saying the right things.
She shouldn’t worry about things that are bigger than
And take advantage of what society has in mind.
And not what she wants.
She should live like this.

Like this she should live.
How she wants, and not what society has in mind.
And take advantage of things that are bigger than her.
She shouldn’t worry about saying the right things, 
Wearing the right clothes,
Being just a pretty face. 
She knows her place.

Mairi, Hillhead High School

I am not your Little Boy, I am your Little Girl

I am not a little boy, I am your little girl.
I am not a man, I am a woman.
I am not a he, for I am a she.
But why do you push these pronouns upon me.

Sinead, Hillhead High School

One, sexism is dumb

One, sexism is dumb.
Two, she can do what he can do.
Three, a woman can be what she wants to be.
Four, why are men paid more?
What are men paid for that women are not?
Five, she has every right to be alive.
Six, how do we still have so much to fix?
It’s twenty eighteen, are we still not seen?

Claire, Hillhead High School

Make a difference for human rights through poetry

You can Make a Difference in a Minute by writing a human rights poem that you can perform in one minute or less. 

We would love to receive your written poems and performances responding to our Words That Burn theme. The current theme is Power through poetry and our poetry action is for human rights defender, Seyi Akiwowo. 

You can submit your poem in written form or as an audio or video clip that is one-minute or less. A selection of poems will be chosen for showcase on our website. We will let you know if your poem is chosen.


A poem against injustice by The College of Richard Collyer
Role reversal by Mia
I am woman by Elizabeth
Another graceless night by Mairi
I am not your Little Boy, I am your Little Girl by Sinead
One, sexism is dumb by Claire