Your poetry for power

Thank you to everyone who shared their poems with us on the theme of power.

We are using this space to showcase a selection of the poems that we have received.


We made a mess of our constitution
Handed over our power, leaving us in destitution
Now we’re all running from persecution
Waiting for the right time to call for dissolution,
But we’re fearing retribution
From the money hungry aristocracy
They dare to call a democracy,
Really just an autocracy
Run on hypocrisy and hostility,
Full of liabilities
Lying about their own capabilities,
Disregarding all their responsibilities.
They call their malevolence necessary
But it leads to writing so many obituaries
This country’s no longer a sanctuary,
A visionary,
No longer extraordinary.
This once great nation 
Is crumbling at the foundation
But we’ll pick up the rubble
We’ll be our own salvation,
Write our own narration
Why be a dictator, when you can be a creator?
We’ll surprise them with our benevolence
And its prevalence in our
Resolution, our revolution
This is our restitution.
We’re taking back what you stole from us
Regaining our power through repossession
There is no time for oppression,
No room for aggression,
No space for recession.
This is the age of progression. 

Freya, Fort Pitt Grammar School 


Power is not an object.
Power; anyone can earn it,
But how you use it is key.
Great power comes with great responsibility
It doesn’t matter;

A good leader doesn’t always earn respect;
That is won by listening - not just with ears but with soul.

We will never be drowsy
As a community, we are stronger.
Not just adults earn power.

Joe, King Edward VI Community College


Early deaths aren’t right,
Especially if the person had a future,
Murderers make the innocents fight,
For survival from their literature,

Some will think that it is right for others to be dead early,
But that makes them in blood-thirsty and merciless hunters,
Who seek others who have done nothing badly,
The ones who try to survive in clusters,

Those hunted aren’t the only ones who can get involved,
Police, Military and anyone else that are preventers,
Those who try to solve the problem so that one can’t evolve,
They never know they can get into the centre,

The feelingless creatures can reach a point,
Of heartless beasts who are in the pinpoint,
The pinpoint of strength,
The strength that lasts a long length.

Some family members of one that got murdered can be like:
“Our son had a bright future like his brother mike,”
Or some others would wish they would,
“Fight back if they even could,”

No one likes death,
Not even the murderers themselves,
The people who got stabbed don’t want a last breath,
Instead they want to be with yourselves. 

Matei, Stoke Damerel Community College


crossing a thin fiery line they come 
issuing from the burnt ashes of 
the sinking Sun doused by a watery 
horizon; mute promises of relief 
on the soft breath of cloud-rimmed lips,
wine darkened and seductive, whispering
gentle longings to parched bones scorched 
by desert winds. Ready to put all
on the throw of a loaded dice,
not heroes in a thousand sleek
long-ships, but cramped in dilapidated 
hulks, migrating death-traps, a surge 
of fleeing human misery. They wade,
or stagger through welcoming surf,
not for plunder, not for retribution, nor 
conquest. They wield no shining bronze
accoutrements; no invading warriors,
only the ragged remnants of dazed 
survivors, their hopes more tenuous
than the taut wedge between sea and sky…  


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Power by Joe
Murder by Matei
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