Your poetry for LGBTI rights

Thank you to everyone who shared their Make a Difference in a Minute LGBTI rights poems with us. 

Your poems have been sent in Solidarity to Sakris Kupila in Finland. Here is Sakris talking about the power of poetry:


We are using this space to showcase a selection of the poems that we received.  

The Meaning of Marriage

What really gets to me
Is some stranger telling me
Why I cannot marry.

‘Marriage is a union
Between a man and a woman’.
To you maybe
But not to me.
To me marriage is a union
Between a human and a human.

‘But marriage means a union
Between a man and a woman’.
To you maybe
But not to me
Mister OED.
To me marriage isn’t a semantic issue.
To me marriage is a romantic issue
Between two people. Two.
And unless one of them is you
I can’t see why you’d have a view
About what those two people do
Cos their love doesn’t directly affect you.

‘But you getting married to a man
Lessens my marriage to a woman’.
To you maybe
But not me.
Cos I can’t see how that could be.
If we marry nothing’s taken away from you and given to me.
If we marry then me and my man don’t rewrite your history.
I think men like you blame men like me
For your marriage that’s unhappy
And it’s probably unhappy because you were told who to marry
By society, by family
By Christianity
And so I think deep down you see
Why it really gets to me
When some stranger tells me
Why I cannot marry a man.

By James

You can be who you want to be.

You can be a lion, brave and majestic.
You can be a dolphin, smart and graceful.
You can be a bee, small and hardworking.
You can be everything and still be you.

You can be who you want to be.
You can’t be controlled by your country.
You can’t be controlled by your family.
You can’t be controlled by your friends.
You can only control yourself.

You can be who you want to be.
You can be female.
You can be male.
You can be anything, everything and nothing that they expect.

You can be who you want to be.

By Eloise, Severn Vale School

What Is Normal?

Normal: how do you define it?
Pink, makeup, dresses, Barbie dolls
Blue, dirt, footballs, action figures
The stereotypical way we define normal for boys and girls.
But why can’t the boys wear pink and like makeup?
Why can’t the girls like blue and like dirt?
What gives anyone the right to judge someone based on what THEIR normal is?
What gives anyone the right to tell people what they have to do to their body or their mentality to be the person they yearn to be?
Those are just words that people use to label us.
Why should we be labelled?
Why should it matter if you want to identify as male or female?
Normality can be used against us,
To put down the ones who have gained mind-power and emotional strength to be themselves
And knock them down again, drowning them in their own depression
And discriminate against them for who they are.
People who are scared to accept
People who are scared to allow change
People who trap someone inside of a body they are itching to get out of
Are the people who believe in ‘normal’
Normal: what is it?
How do you define it?

By Lucy, Severn Vale School

Just Like You

They tell her she’s wrong
That she’s “unnatural”
And unsound…
But is it unsound to feel?
To love?
To hurt?
And to live?
Just like you?

For her heart beats
Her spirit rises
Her eyes cry
And her soul stirs
Just like you.

Her heart skips a beat when she sees her smiling face
Her spirit rises when she hears her melodious voice
Her eyes cry hot streaming tears as she longs to look once again into hers
And her soul longs to meet her twin once again
For she feels, she longs, she loves, she hurts and she lives
Just like you.

So they may share the same organs
And the same genetic code
Yet theirs is a love that no human can deny the other
A candle that nobody can extinguish
A yearning that stirs so deep inside her soul that no one can tell her she is “wrong”
For she is merely like me and you
Simply, and utterly just like you.

By Elizabeth

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The meaning of marriage by James
You can be who you want to be by Eloise
What is normal? by Lucy
Just like you by Elizabeth