Your poetry for families together

Thank you to everyone who shared their Make a Difference in a Minute Families Together poems with us. We are using this space to showcase a selection of the poems that we received.  



Family is a personal community of people who are always available

A support system of people who keep you grounded

Family is always there for you in every situation

Family is what we are all part of

Not defined by blood or biology but love and loyalty

Family is an opportunity to be loved, cared for and happy.


Family is security

Family is the promise to always have your back

Family is the one you call for help

People who there for you know matter what

A place you can always go to


Family is a shelter

A place that keeps away the cruel and dark reality

The base that supports us


Family is a word with many meanings

Family is annoying brothers

Hand – me – downs

Love, hate and forgiveness over and over


Family is special, precious and kind

A priceless gift

A sunshine at night

It’s a sweet dream

A place to rest

It’s nice how small things change a life


Family is togetherness

An unbreakable bond

Where everyone shares love and care with each other

Where you can be yourself

No judgement

People who love you for you


Family is a right

Family is not being alone

Family is a welcoming home

Family is love and hope

Family is happiness

Family is free

Family is forever

Family is everything

Family is for everyone

Written by Queenswood School Year 9



Family means Love

Family is the foundation of support, across all things.

It is a community that everyone is entitled to.

Family is refuge,

Your asylum,

Your rescue,

Your support.


Being with my family is like having a super shield which will protect and empower me.

With my family I feel stronger and resilient.

Family is my tap root,


What holds me stable in an uncertain world.


Family means always having somewhere to go,

Someone to turn to,

Something you can always rely on.

Family means warmth,




Family means happiness

Family means love.

Collaborative Poem written as part of #RefugeeWeek at the @V_and_A


Family is…

Family is the oxygen we need to breathe our way through life’s journeys,

Being without my family is like a slow suffocation of my emotional lungs,

Being with my family is like releasing a breath I didn’t know I’d been holding.


Family is an extension of each person collaborating on common ground,

Being without my family is like being vulnerable,

Not having a door to my room,

No safe space,

No warmth.


Being with my family is like being in a warm bath,

Being wrapped in a safe and heated blanket on a cold, dreary day,

Being at a football match,




Where we are all cheering for our home team.

Written by Amnesty UK Teachers


Family Life

Being without my family is like having no shelter in a thunderstorm

Being without my family is like being stranded in a desert

No tent,

No light,

No map.

Being with my family is like being warm without a fire,

A safe place where I can just be me.


Being without my family is like feeling alone,

A frame without the picture,

No one knows or cares where I am.

Being without my family is like being marooned on a desert island,

Feeling cold with no laughter or embrace.

Being without my family is like nothing I have ever known.

It is like not being fully alive.

Because being with my family is like friendly chaotic fun.

Written by AmnestyUK educators (school speakers and trainers)