Write For Rights 2018 cases


Below, you can discover more about this year's cases and download action packs for your own campaign.

Marielle Franco, Brazil

Killed for defending the people of Rio

Geraldine Chacón, Venezuela

Persecuted for her youth work

Atena Daemi, Iran

Jailed for opposing the death penalty

#NowForNI campaigners, UK

Fighting for basic healthcare

Seyi Akiwowo, UK

Abused online for defending women's rights

Nonhle Mbuthuma, South Africa

Death threats for protecting her community

Gulzar Duishenova, Kyrgyzstan

Speaking up for disability rights

The Sengwer People, Kenya

Forced from their ancestral land

Pavitri Manjhi, India

Threatened for standing up to big business

Vitalina Koval, Ukraine

LGBTI rights activist attacked by the far right

Nawal Benaissa, Morocco

Hounded for demanding change