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Write for Rights in Newcastle

Write for Rights in Newcastle

3 December 2016

Newcastle Community Cinema, Main Street, Newcastle BT33 0AD

It only takes a few minutes to write a card or letter. However, this simple act brings hope and comfort to people suffering human rights abuses.

For a prisoner wrongly detained, for families waiting for news of a relative who has ‘disappeared’, for survivors of abuse fighting for justice, messages of solidarity are a source of strength and inspiration.

Letters can pressure the authorities to address cruelty and injustice. Presidents, police chiefs and prison governors take note when they receive appeals to release a prisoner, stop the harassment of an activist or change an unjust law.

Each year, Amnesty Mid-Down Group meets together to send Christmas and seasonal cards to such people around the world.

This is an open event, and we invite anyone to come along for a few minutes and write a letter.

We will be at the Newcastle Community Cinema on Main Street, on Saturday 3 December 1pm - 3.30pm.

We will have cards, letters, envelopes and pens for signing. We'll post the cards on your behalf.

Phone number: 02844851920

Contact: Philip Nye

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