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LGBTI activist attacked by the far right

Vitalina Koval is an incredible activist in Ukraine’s LGBTI community. 

She co-founded a community centre that provides a rare safe space for LGBTI people, and fearlessly speaks out against hate. But Ukraine has seen a surge of far right violence, and Vitalina has been repeatedly threatened and attacked.

In March 2017, Vitalina was attacked by young men during an International Women’s Day march. The police said they would provide protection, but at the end of the march members of a far right group shouted insults and threw red paint over Vitalina, chemically burning her eyes.

Her attackers were arrested but released within hours. Vitalina has since received further threats, and two fellow activists say they were beaten up.

Together we can show Vitalina that we support her vital work. Will you send a message of hope today?

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