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Forced from their ancestral home

The Sengwer people have lived in the Embobut Forest in Kenya for centuries and have a deep spiritual bond with the land. But this indigenous community of beekeepers and cattle herders are being kicked out of their home.

Around 2,600 houses have been burned by authorities since 2012, making some 4,600 people homeless. All in the name of an EU programme to conserve the forest that completely ignored the Sengwer people’s right to the land.

Amid protests in 2018 one Sengwer man, Robert Kirotich Kibor, was shot dead and another seriously injured.

The Sengwer people are losing their homes, livelihoods and cultural identity. Some now live outside the forest in crushing poverty, with women often the hardest hit. 

Let’s show the Sengwer People that we’re right behind them in their fight to live peacefully on their own land. Will you send a message of support today?

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