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For her bravery, Nassima has been unjustly punished

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Nassima was kept in solitary confinement for a year. Her crime? Asking for the right to drive.

Nassima fought for women in Saudi Arabia to have the right to drive - and won. But now, she is in jail for her bravery.

The mother of three has been abused and her jail term is indefinite.

As Saudi Arabia hosts the G20 this month, urge the UK government to call for the release of Nassima and other women's rights campaigners in Saudi Arabia.

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For her bravery, Nassima has been unjustly punished

For much of her life, Nassima campaigned for women's freedoms in Saudi Arabia. In doing so, she's lost her own. 

She was one of several prominent activists demanding women have the right to drive and the right to carry out their daily business without the permission of a male "guardian"'.

Saudi Arabia's guardianship laws required women to seek a man's permission to go out. While these laws have been eased, women like Nassima who campaigned to end the guardianship system remain behind bars.

"When a woman feels that she can't carry out basic tasks...without her male guardian, this restricts her humanity." - Nassima

Nassima was arrested for her peaceful human rights work in July 2018. While in jail, she was ill-treated. She was placed in a cell alone, in complete isolation for an entire year. 

She is allowed only one weekly phone call with her family, but is not allowed any visits - not even from her lawyer.

Her detention is part of a recent wave of arrests that target Saudi women human rights activists.

The UK has a strong relationship with Saudi Arabia, which is why we're urging the UK government to use the G20 this month to publicly call for the release of Nassima and other Saudi women rights campaigners. 

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