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Persecuted for her youth work

Geraldine Chacón is a bright Venezuelan law graduate and Amnesty youth activist. She’s an amazing role model for young women in her country, but instead of supporting her work, the Venezuelan authorities have persecuted her for years.

In January this year police surrounded Geraldine’s family home, searched her entire house, and arrested her on suspicion of being associated with an organisation called ‘Brave Heart’, which the government claims has links to violent dissident groups.
She was denied visits from family and friends, kept in a dark room without proper meals, and locked up even after a warrant was issued for her release. In May, she went on hunger strike and was conditionally released – but she now has to register at a local court every 30 days, and has been banned from leaving Venezuela

The Venezuelan authorities want to silence human rights defenders like Geraldine. Together, we can make sure their voices are heard loud and clear.

When we unite to stand up against those abusing their power, humanity wins. Will you join us?

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