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Trade unionist wrongly imprisoned

Maths teacher Esmail Abdi, is leader of the Tehran branch of the Iran Teachers’ Trade Association. He was convicted of national security offences in February 2016, after organising peaceful protests.

He was given a six-year prison sentence, but following a hunger strike, was released on temporary leave on 25 June after making a large bail payment. He has now been recalled to prison to continue his sentence.

‘Is it a crime to be a member of a trade association and participate in peaceful demonstrations… Is it a crime to gather signatures petitioning the government to uphold the law?’

Esmail Abdi


Esmail Abdi was released on furlough from Evin prison on 9 January - a temporary reprieve from his six-year sentence. While Amnesty welcomes this release, Esmail is effectively still serving a six-year prison sentence and could be rearrested any moment. This happened last year, when he was released on bail on 25 June only to be recalled to prison one month later.


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