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Jailed for opposing the death penalty

Atena Daemi is an Iranian woman serving seven years in jail for criticising Iran’s death penalty on social media.

She handed out leaflets, and took part in a peaceful protest against the execution of a young woman. The authorities arrested her for this in 2016 – her sham trial lasted just 15 minutes.

Jailed since November 2016, Atena has been beaten, pepper sprayed and put in solitary confinement. Earlier this year, she went on hunger strike in protest against her transfer to the notorious Shahr-e Rey prison, a former industrial chicken farm.

She’s not the only one. Dozens of human rights activists have been jailed in Iran in a government crackdown. Many others face surveillance, interrogations and drawn-out prosecutions.

No one should face the death penalty. Together with Atena we can abolish this cruel punishment for good. Will you join us?

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