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22-year old student Gustavo was protesting against inequality in Chile when special forces fired metal and rubber bullets into his eyes.

Gustavo was blinded. To this day, the police responsible have not been held to account.

Will you email the Chilean authorities demanding a proper investigation?

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“I gave my eyes so people would wake up.”

Gustavo Gatica was studying psychology in the capital, Santiago, when protests broke out across Chile over rising prices and inequality.

Like millions of others, Gustavo took to the streets in demonstrations that lasted for weeks and made global headlines. 

But at 4pm on a Friday afternoon, Gustavo was shot in the face by police.

From a distance of no more than 30 metres, special forces fired rubber-coated lead bullets into Gustavo's eyes. 

"I felt the...water running from my eyes. It was the blood." - Gustavo

Gustavo permanently lost his sight. But the police responsible for the shooting have never been held to account.

Gustavo wants justice, will you stand with him?

Email the Attorney General in Chile urging them to investigate all those responsible for Gustavo's shooting. 

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