What is Words That Burn? | Amnesty International UK

What is Words That Burn?

What is it?

It is a completely free teaching resource that encourages young people to explore and express human rights through poetry. It provides secondary schools with a host of brilliantly diverse poems that all students can relate to. It also provides human rights education resources that help students develop their own writing and performance style, as well as their understanding of social justice issues and the world around them. 

It provides a collection of 10 resources which explore human rights, protest and action through poetry. 

Students can also ‘Make a Difference in a Minute’ with a short poem that supports the case of an individual at risk or is a response to a current human rights issue. If selected some of these poems will also be published on the website. 

Who is it for?

Words that Burn is for anyone who wants to make their voice heard through poetry. 

Teachers who would like to explore solidarity and protest through poetry with Secondary and Further Education students can use the resources in the pack.
Students can also write and submit their solidarity and protest poems which Amnesty will forward as appropriate. We will showcase a selection of poems on our website.

Poets can network, receive training on how to deliver human right based poetry in a classroom and participate on our year-round events. 

Why is it important? 

We exist to take action to protect human rights and individuals at risk around the world. We know the power of creative solidarity to human rights violations and we want to encourage and support you to use poetry to take action.

How do I get involved?

The teaching resources are available now for anyone to download and explore. 

You can also take action throughout the year with a Make a Difference in a Minute video. Don’t forget to share on social media using the #wordsthatburn hashtag and your poem title.