What is Make a Difference in a Minute?

Each year, students are invited to submit a poem on a different theme about someone who has suffered human rights abuses. This could be a personal response, or a poem in solidarity or protest.

The 'Make a Difference in a Minute' challenge is to write a poem on a human rights issue that can be performed in one minute.

What is Words That Burn?

Words That Burn is a collection of 10 teaching resources which explore human rights, protest and action through poetry.

One of the resources challenges students to ‘Make a Difference in a Minute’ with a short poem for a person at risk of human rights abuses.

The challenge

Write a poem on a human rights issue that can be performed in one minute.

Our latest poetry action is for the Families Together Campaign. 

Everyday family life is full of wonderful moments we all take granted. But refugees in the UK - including children - are often separated from their families because of unfair Home Office rules.

The poem can be:

  • What family means to you, about a particular memory you've shared together, or even about what it would be like to not have your family around you. 

Who is it for?

Words That Burn is for students who want to make their voice heard through poetry.

The resources in the pack have been designed to help teachers to explore solidarity and protest through poetry with Secondary and Further Education students.

Students can write and submit their own solidarity and protest poems which we will forward as appropriate. We will showcase a selection of poems on our website.

Why is it important?

We exist to protect human rights and people at risk around the world. We know the power of creative solidarity to fight human rights abuse and we want to support you to encourage students to use poetry to take action.

How do I get involved?

The resources are available now for you to download and explore.

How to submit poems

You can submit a poem in written form, as an audio clip or as a video. This can be taken using a smartphone or any other recording device you have available. Remember, the challenge is to stick to a minute or under!

A selection of poems will be chosen and showcased on our website. We will let you know if a poem is selected.