Vote Amnesty!

OK I feel a bit like Lord Kitchener this morning. Amnesty needs you! Well to be more accurate, Amnesty’s education team needs your vote.

This morning People’s Postcode Lottery in conjunction with the Daily Mirror launched the Vote That Counts, which pitches nine national charities against each other. It is pretty simple. The charity that gets the most votes gets £50,000. And if Amnesty wins, the money will go to supporting our human rights education work.

That will mean helping get more speakers into schools, producing fantastic teaching resources and, most importantly, inspiring a new generation to take an interest in human rights.

Personally, I’ve worked with the education team from the moment I set foot in Amnesty’s headquarters six years ago and it is a great buzz. I’ve witnessed first-hand teachers and pupil being inspired.

You only really have to watch the film I Talk Out Loud to get a flavour of what we do.

The Youth Awards are another example. In the Young Human Rights Reporter strand last year Zaahid Rahman, 15 from Ilford, decided to set stereotypes aside and tackled the difficult issue of FGM. And Isla Ratcliff, a 15-year-old girl from Edinburgh, was so inspired after winning the lyrics competition that she has now set up her own Amnesty group. Then there is the amazing tale of 13-year-old Adam Bojelian. Serious illness means he can only communicate through blinking. He composed a song about disability rights and was shortlisted in the lyrics category.

And that’s not to mention the Amnesty Teacher programme.

So anyway all of that is to hopefully inspire you to log on and vote. There’s a few more details in the centre pages of the Mirror today and if you do pick it up it’s my grey-haired head popping out the back!

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