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Urgent Action: Environmental activist imprisoned in Cuba

Dr Ariel Ruiz Urquiola, an environmental activist, was sentenced in Cuba to one-year imprisonment for contempt.

UA 109/18 issued 11/06/2018

Urgent Action update: Family of prisoner of conscience in Cuba denied visits

Cuban authorities have suspended family visiting rights of human rights defender, Dr Eduardo Cardet, for six months.

4th update on UA 32/17 issued 07/06/2018

Urgent Action update: Cuban prisoner of conscience attacked in prison

Three other prisoners attacked Eduardo Cardet, according to his wife.

3rd update on UA 32/17 issued 22/01/2018

Cuba: Government control of jobs 'suffocating' daily life and freedom of speech

© Amnesty International
The Cuban authorities are using control of the job market as a tool of repression, Amnesty International said in a new report published today. The 40-page report, Your mind is in prison , shows how decades of arbitrary use of criminal laws and other unlawful practices have been used to persecute Cubans through discriminatory and wrongful job dismissals. Amnesty’s researchers spoke to more than 60 Cuban migrants in various Mexican cities, documenting their testimonies about daily life in the country. The Cuban government is the largest employer in the country, with approximately 70% of the jobs

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Ordinary Cubans perceived to be even subtly critical of life in their country face a future of harassment at work or unemployment as authorities use their control over the job market as another tool of repression.

Inspired by an interview with Graciela, a Cuban sportswoman who migrated to Mexico, and in collaboration with Mexican artist Joan X. Vazquez, we present Cuban Lives, a comic highlighting what life is like in Cuba as we speak. Scroll across the gallery below to see the full comic: 

Urgent Action: Urban artist at risk in Cuba

After being arbitrarily detained on 17 August, Yulier Perez, a graffiti artist known for painting dilapidated walls in Havana, is at risk of being imprisoned again, after months of intimidation and harassment from authorities.

UA 189/17 issued on 24/08/2017

Urgent Action good news: Defenders end hunger strike, release secure in Cuba

Siblings and human rights defenders Anairis Miranda Leyva, Adairis Miranda Leyva and Fidel Manuel Batista Leyva ended the hunger strike they began on 8 June after being harassed and intimidated in Cuba following their conditional release from prison.

3rd update on UA 76/17 issued 14/07/2017

Urgent Action: Opposition activist in maximum security prison in Cuba

After ending a reported 39-day hunger strike, Cuban opposition activist Jorge Cervantes, allegedly detained for contempt in May, was transferred to a maximum security prison.

UA 164/17 issued 05/07/2017

Urgent Action update: Ex-prisoners of conscience intimidated in Cuba

Three siblings sentenced to one-year of prison for allegedly leaving their house during the state morning following Fidel Castro´s death, are on hunger strike after being harassed and intimidated in Cuba since their conditional release in April.

2nd update on UA 76/17 issued 30/06/2017

Urgent Action update: Human rights defender's sentence upheld in Cuba

A Provincial Court upheld a three-year prison sentence against human rights defender Eduardo Cardet who continues to be held in the Provincial Prison of Holguín, south-east Cuba.

2nd update on UA 32/17 issued 25/05/2017
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