Awards (9)
Apr 13 2017 12:00am
Alicia Keys honoured with top Amnesty award
Celebrated global music artist and activist Alicia Keys has been honou...
May 12 2016 4:08pm
Why children’s books are important
Written by SF Said, award-winning children’s author and judge of the i...
Jan 29 2014 6:18pm
Essay competition
Following the #Citizenship day held at Bishop Wordworth's School i...
May 25 2011 6:33pm
Gong! It's the Amnesty media awards
Awards sometimes get a bad rep. If it's (say) Ronnie Wood getting...
Feb 15 2011 9:35am
Only 2 weeks left to enter the #Amnestyawards for Digital media who do you think should win this year?
Recent events in North Africa and the Middle East, where reporters hav...
Jun 11 2010 12:24pm
Young HR Reporter Award winners write on children's rights
The winners of AIUK's Young Human Rights Reporter Award have been ...
Jun 2 2010 6:38pm
“I am not a humble man by nature,” so began Henry Bonsu, co-founding p...
Jun 4 2009 3:28am
'No Place for Children' campaign wins Amnesty Media Award '09
Really good to see this –
Sep 8 2008 2:47pm
The Oscars? Who needs em?
On Friday 22nd (sorry for the delay) we announced the winner of the 20...