Amnesty Ambassadors (6)
Dec 8 2017 3:30pm
Juliet Stevenson
"Amnesty was one of the first NGOs I heard of in my teens – it’s alw...
Dec 8 2017 3:20pm
Anish Kapoor
Anish Kapoor is one of today’s most influential contemporary artists. ...
Dec 8 2017 3:15pm
Kaiser Chiefs
"We need to stand up for people under threat whoever and wherever th...
Dec 7 2017 11:47am
Chris Riddell
Chris Riddell, the 2015-2017 UK Waterstone's Children's Laureate, is a...
Dec 7 2017 11:06am
Sita Brahmachari
Sita Brahmachari is an author and playwright who has also worked in th...
Dec 6 2017 4:59pm
Amnesty Ambassadors