Sep 6 2016 7:47PM
What hopes for credible justice in a post Assad Syria?
By Kristyan Benedict - @KreaseChan As London plays host to Syria’s political opposition, talk once again is about a future political “transition” in Syria. Given the relentlessly brutal reality on the ground in Syria, any search for a...

Resource pack: Lift Off (Irish)

Ten lessons in Irish to build knowledge of human rights issues, drawing on skills and attitudes developed by The Right Start.

Resource pack: Me, You, Everyone (Irish)

Ten lessons in Irish focusing on knowledge of human rights issues, developing the skills and attitudes acquired from previous resources.

May 14 2016 11:24PM
We need your help on IDAHOT
I have to confess that before October 2015, I wasn’t overly familiar with Tunisia. It was just one of those countries that I didn’t really know much about. The only real connection I had with it was when I visited Tunis for about two d...
Sep 30 2015 1:20PM
A mother disappeared - Aster Fissehatsion's son reflects
Aster Fissehatsion has been missing for 14 years. She was arrested in 2001 after signing an open letter calling for democratic reforms. Here her son Ibrahim Mahmoud Ahmed Sherifo talks of the years without his mother and his continued...
Jul 13 2015 5:52PM
Still missing. Twenty years is too long to wait for truth and justice.
On Saturday I stood on the steps of St Martin-in-the-Fields to remember the over 8000 men and boys who were killed in the Srebrenica genocide twenty years ago. We remembered them and the thousands more people ‘ disappeared ’ off the st...
May 27 2015 3:12PM
If you do one thing on 14 June go to see The Look of Silence
In 2013 I wrote enthusiastically that you should go and watch The Act of Killing – an extraordinary documentary that asked members of Indonesia’s ‘death squads’ to re-enact their violence in the style of their favourite films. It was d...

South Africa: President Zuma must make Marikana findings public

South African President Jacob Zuma must make public the findings of the Marikana Commission of Inquiry into the violence that that led to the killings of 34 striking miners on 16 August 2012 and th

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Mar 27 2015 4:50PM
My memo to Nigeria's next president: you must prioritise human rights
As tens of millions Nigerians prepare to cast their vote for their next president, my message to the winner of these elections is this: make human rights your top priority. For too long, 'human rights improvements' seem to have lingere...

Sitting African leaders immunity from prosecution - a setback for justice

The decision by the African Union (AU) to grant sitting African leaders immunity from prosecution for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity is a backward step in the fight against impuni

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